Area school lunch menus

*All school lunches are served with milk

Mt. Pleasant Community School District

Monday, April 22: French toast sticks, sausage patty, potato triangles

Tuesday, April 23: Grilled Chicken with bun, sweet potato fires, applesauce,

spring cookie

Wednesday, April 24: Nachos, refried beans, tossed salad with ranch, pine


Thursday, April 25: Teriyaki chicken with rice, winter blend veggies, apples


Friday, April 26: Mini corn dogs, baked beans, fresh carrots with ranch,


New London Community School District

Monday, April 22: Cheese sticks, marinara sauce, fruit and veggie bar, ice

cream, long john with jelly bean

Tuesday, Apirl 23: Nachos or super nachos, tomato, onion, salsa, sour

cream, chees, jalapeno, refried beans, fruit and veggie bar

Wednesday, April 24: Pigs in a blanket, sun chips, broccoli and cheese sauce,

fruit and veggie bar

Thursday, April 25: Mac and cheese, little smokies, chocolate muffin, green

beans, fruit and veggie bar

Friday, April 26: Chicken nuggets, Tater Tots, pretzel and cheese dip, fruit and

veggie bar

Winfield-Mt. Union Community School District

Monday, April 22: Chicken patty, roll, mashed potatos with gravy, steamed

carrots, peaches

Tuesday, April 23: Chicken quesadilla, salsa, refried beans, baby carrots,

pears, chips and black bean salsa

Wednesday, April 24: Corn dog, green beans,Tater Tots, fruit cocktail, snick

erdoodle cookie

Thursday, April 25: Build a sub, corn, tossed salad, broccoli, orange

Friday, April 26: Roast beef, mashed potatos, broccoli with cheese, apple

slices, roll, chocolate chip cookie

WACO Community School District

Monday, April 22: Breaded chicken with bun, potato salad, vegetables, pears

Tuesday, April 23: Sloppy Jo with bun, potato smiles, baby carrots, kiwi

Wednesday, April 24: Cheese pizza, corn, cucumber slices, mandarian oranges

Thursday, April 25: Chicken strips, twiced baked potato with cheese sauce or

sour cream, California blend, dinner roll, applesauce

Friday, April 26: Lasagna, breadstick, lettuce, celery with hummus, blueberries