Former MP physician charged by Iowa Board of Medicine for actions while a practicing in Monona

A former doctor in Mt. Pleasant is being charged with failure to provide appropriate pain management to multiple patients while practicing in Monona between February 2017 and August 2018.

Andrea Venteicher, 42, an Iowa-licensed physician who formerly practiced family medicine in Mt. Pleasant, Waukon, Sumner and Monona, and currently practices in New Hampton entered into a combined Statement of Charges and Settlement Agreement with the Iowa Board of Medicine on May 9.

The Iowa Board of Medicine alleged that Venteicher failed to provide appropriate pain management to her patients in violation of the laws and rules governing the practice of medicine in Iowa while she was working in Monona.

Under the terms of the May 9, combined Statement of Charges and Settlement Agreement, the board issued Venteicher a citation and warning and ordered her to pay a $3,000 civil penalty. The board also prohibited Venteicher from prescribing, administering or dispensing controlled substances for the treatment of chronic pain.

The board ordered Venteicher to complete a board-approved comprehensive clinical competency evaluation and medical record keeping course and placed her on a three-year probation subject to board monitoring, including prescribing audits.

While Venteicher practiced in Mt. Pleasant, she worked for Wapiti Medical Group, a medical staffing agency that provides physician staffing coverage to hospitals. The Henry County Health Center has occasionally worked with Wapiti for physician coverage, according to Shelley Doak, public information director at HCHC, in an email.

It is unknown when she worked in Mt. Pleasant.