HC applying for federal assistance to repair road slides

County, City of Wayland sign 28E Agreement for secondary roads maintenance

Henry County is applying for federal assistance for road slides at 310th Street and New London Road.

County supervisors signed a letter requesting federal assistance from the Emergency Watershed Protection Program to repair these two slides that began earlier this spring.

If the county is awarded funds from the Emergency Watershed Protection Program, the program covers 75 percent of the costs of the project and the county has to come up with an additional 25 percent. This will require amending the Henry County Roads Department’s construction budget to cover the cost.

Jake Hothchkiss, Henry County engineer, said that if flood disaster assistance doesn’t come through from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the county needs to find another way to fund these projects, and the Emergency Watershed Protection Program is a viable option.

The Henry County Roads Department has used funds from the Emergency Watershed Protection Program in the past.

Supervisors also approved a 28E Agreement between the Henry County Roads Department and the City of Wayland.

The agreement states that the City of Wayland is responsible for the chip and seal sections of Dakota Avenue from Delaware Avenue south and Delaware Avenue from Dakota Avenue east.

“They wanted to add more seal coat right on the city limits. They are going to take care of 100 percent of those costs,” Hotchkiss said.

The county is responsible for snow removal and maintenance of Clayton Avenue from Lincoln Street and Highway 78 north to the end of the road, Dakota Avenue north to the asphalt section of roadway, and Delaware Avenue from the curve west to the seal coat section of roadway.

The county does not do snow removal for W55 north, Hotchkiss said.

Hotchkiss said the Henry County Attorney’s Office and the attorney for the City of Wayland have both reviewed the 28E Agreement and have no objections.

Last week, the Roads Department continued mowing shoulders, cleaned cornstalks out of the ditch on Marsh Avenue and 200th Street, worked on clearing trees around bridges and worked on signs.

They started boom mowing on Salem Road and New London Road, replaced a culvert on Hoover Avenue, and started working on shoulders along paved roads from Highway 78 south on Racine.

Finally, they repaired crossroad pipe on 235th Street and Blackhawk Lane and hauled rock.