HCHC awards bids for upcoming projects

The Henry County Health Center is looking to the future as they approved awarding two bids for upcoming projects and discussed the possibility of other necessary renovations.

The HCHC board of trustees approved awarding the bid for the 1956 air handler replacement to Frank Company Inc., out of Burlington. Frank Millard is the only contractor who bid on the project for $340,000, over HCHC estimate of $307,000.

“We’ve seen on smaller projects getting bidder interest is tough,” said Tyler Luttenegger, a senior project manager with MODUS. “It’s not a $3 million project. We did hear that mechanically and electrically in this area there was a lot of work. If there’s a $3 million bid going on versus a $300,000 bid, (contractors) are going to spend their efforts on the larger project.”

Luttenegger said that the project may be higher than estimated because the cost of labor is tough to estimate.

The second project approved by the board was parking lot improvements. Out of five bids, project was awarded to the low bidder Jones Contracting for $162,507, HCHC CEO Robb Gardner said.

The board authorized Gardner to do a change order in the parking lot for up to $212,000, which is no higher than the estimate of the project.

The parking lot improvement project will begin in May.

While giving the fiscal year 2019 quarterly finance review, Gardner said the hospital is going to have to invest in the campus.

“It’s an older, aging facility, and with that comes major infrastructure upgrades,” Gardner said, mentioning that Family Medicine, a 2000 addition, needs renovations.

In other news, the board set a public hearing to accept a USDA loan for medical equipment.

The loan is for radiology equipment and an ambulance. They are working with Access Energy and Northeast Iowa Missouri Electric. The loan would be $360,000 from each company.

“I’m very thankful for the whole group out of Access Energy,” Gardner said.

The public hearing is Tuesday, May 21, at noon.