Jay Street sewer project halfway through CDBG grant funds

Council approves amendments to FY19 budget

Construction on the Jay Street sewer project is progressing steadily and will continue through the winter, Mayor Steve Brimhall said at a regular Mt. Pleasant City Council meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 10,

The council held a public hearing on the progress of the project to stay in compliance with the $600,000 CDBG grant they received. They have $338,133 left to spend of the funds.

The project is to construct a new sanitary sewer mostly along Jay Street to replace the existing Snipe Run interceptor sewer, which will then be abandoned as a sanitary sewer. City Administrator Brent Schleisman said the old sewer is nearly 100-years-old.

Jones Contracting was to trim subbase rock on Warren Street and set steel and boxouts last week, weather permitting. This week, the plan is to pave Warren Street before Jones Contracting pours driveways and sidewalks on that street.

Drish Construction is working with Mt. Pleasant Utilities to replace an old cast iron water main across Jay Street with a six-inch PVC water main and tie existing water services over to the six-inch water main. Once the gas company completes their work, Drish Construction will finish replacing the sanitary sewer main along the north side of Clay Street.

All work on the south side of Washington Street will be completed before starting to lay sanitary sewer north of Washington Street.

So far during construction, no residents have had to be relocated; however, Mayor Steve Brimhall said they did provide a four-wheeler to one resident to get to and from their home and their car.

The project is benefiting the low moderate income individuals in the community.

In other news, the council held a public hearing to amend the city’s fiscal year 2019 budget. Changes include adjustment to wastewater treatment plant salaries, which the city adjusted because when the budget was made they were hiring a contractor. Now, they have added two employees to the wastewater treatment plant.

Additionally, the budget was adjusted to make room for the Cottrell gym re-roofing project, the salt storage building and storm damage.

The council also approved:

  • A motion for an engineering service agreement with Warner Engineering to design and oversee the construction of the Phase VI of the recreational trail system. This section starts at South Street and goes north of Jefferson Street.

  • Authorizing the hiring of the Ahlers & Cooney law firm to assist the city in purchasing a new garbage truck for the city.

  • A public hearing on the authorization of a loan agreement and issuance of a note to purchase a garbage truck. The city clerk is taking quotes for loans from local banks to not exceed $150,000.

  • An amplified sound permit for Midwest Central Railroad.

The next Mt. Pleasant City Council meeting is Wednesday, Oct. 24.