Kuhens named city's Public Information Officer

A former local radio host will now be the voice of the city.

The Mt. Pleasant City Council approved the appointment of John Kuhens as the city’s Public Information Officer unanimously on Wenesday, Jan. 9.

In August 2018, Kuhens retired from KILJ after 40 years on the airwaves.

“The council was talking about it and kicking around ideas,” said Walter Jackson, the Emergency Management Coordinator for Henry County. “And we thought, whose voice does the public know? Who’s a public speakers? And (Kuhens) been in broadcasting for 40 years.”

His appointment was part of the approval for the city’s emergency plan, which must be revised every five years. The new plan identifies the Mt. Pleasant Middle School and High School as shelters in the event of a massive storm or power outage. Contact information was also updated to reflect relevenat emergency personnel such as Kuhens.

The city council will meet next on Jan. 23.