New London opts for smaller yearbooks given sales decline

NEW LONDON — Despite some talk of not putting together a school yearbook at New London High School, a physical edition will still be avliable this year.

“Yearbook sales have plummeted what with everyone using social media,” said board secretary Jessica Boyer. “We have stacks of (last year’s) in our office that we can’t sell.”

According to Boyer, advocates for a physical book appreciate the fact the yearbooks are more condensed and accessible than going through hundreds of students’ social media accounts. Boyer herself is in favor of hard copies.

“I personally really want to have one,” said she. “My son’s going to be graduating this year and I’d like to have one to remember it.”

However, there have only been two books ordered so far this year with a deadline of May 15 for any remaining orders. It’s unclear exactly how much smaller these books will be as there are still photographs to be taken and pages to be laid out, but content will be condensed to class pictures, team pictures and some other school-sanctioned activities.

The fact the book is not yet available also means the school is not able to provide a preview copy for parents or students who might be interested in purchasing one.

“The main thing is that no one’s buying them,” said Boyer. “We go to advertisers and we go to local business (to put ads in) which keeps costs down for the year.”

But with no one buying the books, businesses have no incentive to pay for advertisements. The smaller books are being implemented to save money, but given the school has only sold two so far this year and that they’re ordered in bulk, it is unclear as of yet if cutting the size of the book also will cut costs.