Venue 'icing on the cake' of wedding day

Swoon Event Rental Company here to decorate for the perfect day

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These “IW” letters used at an event for Iowa Wesleyan University is one example of how Mikayla Mabeus, of Swoon Event Rental Company, personalizes decorates to fit perfectly with any event.
Submitted photo These “IW” letters used at an event for Iowa Wesleyan University is one example of how Mikayla Mabeus, of Swoon Event Rental Company, personalizes decorates to fit perfectly with any event.

The icing on the cake of an already flawless wedding day is a stunningly decorated venue. That’s why Swoon Event Rental Company in Mt. Pleasant is available to assist brides with any and all decor for their already perfect day.

“Something as small as a candle can complete the look,” said Mikayla Mabeus, owner of Swoon. “Seeing a wedding come together is special. The decor is the final touch.”

The look on a bride’s face when they walk into their fully-decorated wedding venue is “priceless,” Mabeus said. That look and emotion is where the name for her business — “Swoon” — came from.

“We want people to swoon when they see our work,” Mabeus said.

While Mabeus also decorates for bridal showers, baby showers, graduation parties, corporate events and more, weddings are her niche.

Mabeus grew up in Mt. Pleasant and returned after graduating from the University of Iowa. She started working for a local event rental company before branching off to start her own business — Swoon.

Mabeus said being only 24-years-old and running her own business is scary at times, but helping brides choose their wedding-day decor and decorating their venue is “extremely gratifying.”

Some brides who make an appointment with Swoon have a picture in their head of what they want their venue to look like. Others have the date and location and look to Mabeus to guide them through the decorating process.

Swoon’s showroom at 1402 West Washington Street in Mt. Pleasant has hundreds of pieces to choose from. They have smaller items like linens, candles, lanterns, centerpieces and greenery to larger signature items like vintage love seats and farmhouse tables. Decor items are priced a la carte, making decorating a venue as affordable or exuberant as a bride wishes.

Two big trends for decorating are natural and rustic or glam, Mabeus said. Rustic weddings incorporate a lot of greenery, florals and wood elements like crates.

“It’s kind of like Joanna Gains but wedding style,” Mabeus said.

Mabeus works with Clara’s Garden in Mediapolis for her floral needs. Mabeus meets with Clara’s Garden to help brides choose flowers and put together the centerpieces. It eliminates one step and vendor a bride has to deal with, she said.

Glam weddings are exactly that — lots of sequins and statement decor pieces with colors such as rose gold, mauve and any pastel.

Mabeus said another trend she is seeing are black accents, which might conflict with what people have learned about weddings.

“Goodbye to ‘no black at weddings,’” Mabeus said. “You can throw that out the door and bring black into your wedding with a lot of things like candles, table runners and florals. I love this trend. To me, this is a very elegant statement color.”

Mabeus also sees brides choosing textured linens and mixing gold and silver decor.

Swoon’s goal is to bring to life a reception hall or wedding space while taking stress off the bride, Mabeus said. Brides can rent pieces individually and set it up themselves or rent everything for their venue and hire Swoon to set it up for them.

“We don’t want brides to be stressed about the decorations,” Mabeus said. “Your wedding day is already stressful enough, and if we can eliminate some of that stress, that’s what we’re here for.”

Mabeus said while do it yourself (DIY) weddings are all the rage, they can often me more expensive than renting decor. Mabeus said Swoon doesn’t necessarily exist to replace DIY but to provide pieces that compliment what brides already have.

“I encourage brides to look into us,” Mabeus said. “I think our prices are pretty competitive. We can rent to you cheaper than you can buy. People who do DIY don’t think about what you do with 50 bases, candles and table runners after your wedding day.”

Mabeus said the best time to meet with Swoon is three to four months before the wedding day. She will meet with clients for an initial consultation, play around with decor pieces and finally have them choose what they want to rent.

Mabeus said she met with a bride a few weeks ago who had a vision in her head of what she wanted her venue to look like but couldn’t quite relay it.

That’s OK, Mabeus said. “We have a blank table, we’ll put the linen colors down and play around with decor pieces,” she said. “If they like it great. If they don’t, we play with all kinds of things until that vision comes to life.”

If someone has absolutely no clue, Mabeus said the first step is having them decide linen color, then they begin incorporating the color of bridesmaids dresses.

Table runners are an easy way to bring in a little color, and Mabeus said if she doesn’t have the color someone is looking for she is open to ordering it.

“I’m pretty flexible. As a new company, we’re always growing our inventory,” Mabeus said.

While Mabeus has a wedding booked almost every weekend this summer, she is always available to meet with new clients. Swoon has experience decorating for weddings with anywhere from 25 to 40 tables.

“The exciting part of this career is every wedding is different,” Mabeus said. “No two weddings are the same, and as trends change we change our inventory.”

For more information about Swoon Event Rental Company, find them on Facebook or their website at, call them at 319-931-2167 or email them at