WACO graduates feel prepared for the future

Class of 2019 received their diplomas on Sunday, May 19

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WACO’s Class of 2019 threw up their hats following graduation on Sunday, May 19.
Submitted photo WACO’s Class of 2019 threw up their hats following graduation on Sunday, May 19.

Caitlin Sells has had a lot of great teachers in the WACO Community School District who prepared her for graduation and life beyond high school. That doesn’t mean she won’t miss her community.

“WACO is so small, so we’re all part of a family,” said Sells, WACO student body president for the 2018-2019 academic year. “We know everyone, who their parents are and what they do. I think I’m going to miss that after high school and being so close to all my classmates.”

Sells celebrated WACO Class of 2019’s commencement on Sunday, May 19, alongside her peers. The week leading up to graduation, it still hadn’t sunk in, she said. Even so, Sells feels prepared. During high school, she took some college classes and dual credit courses.

Sells will attend Kirkwood Community College in the fall to get an associate degree before transferring to another university where she will possibly major in education.

Sells would tell future graduates to not feel pressured to know what they want to do with their lives.

“I’ve pressured myself the last three years, but you can go to community college and find out from there,” Sells said.

Aside from being student body president, Sells also ran cross-country, was on the dance team, was a manager for basketball and wrestling and was in National Honors Society. Cross-country taught her a lot about persevering, determination and finishing the task in front of her.

Sells also learned a lot from being on student council, where she helped plan events like homecoming and the class trip to Fun City.

Sells isn’t sure where her career will take her after college, but she would consider coming back to WACO.

“WACO is such a good community,” Sells said. “Everyone knows everyone, we can talk like a family and we do things for each other all the time. That’s pretty great.”

Joe Edeker also graduated with WACO’s Class of 2019 on Sunday in the top of his class. Over the course of his career at WACO High School, he played in the orchestra and with the Southeast Iowa Symphony Orchestra and ran cross-country.

The advice he would give to other students is learn time management.

“Think about it as, ‘Is what I’m about to do going to matter in the future?’” Edeker said in an email.

The now alumnus of WACO said that he is prepared for the future, especially thanks to the opportunities he had to take college classes in high school.

“I received a lot of encouragement and it has pushed me to be the person I am today,” Edeker said.

Edeker is attending Iowa State University in the fall where he will study engineering.