Letter to the editor

Mt. Pleasant resident highlights area trails and parks

To the editor,

Mt. Pleasant is so fortunate to have wonderful places to hike (and in my case, to bicycle) that are so easily accessible.

Each week this spring I have driven several times to Oakland Mills and hiked on the trails above the Skunk River. I usually have been the only one on the trails, but there were lots of squirrels, and earlier lots of deer. I saw and heard many different birds high in the trees. The cardinals were especially having a joyous time, and were brilliant against the bright blue sky. But even closer for town residents are East Lake Park, the trails around the prairie restoration at the high school that connects with East Lake Park, Saunders Park, Cranes Pond.

We are fortunate to now have a bike and walking trail that connects the north side of town all the way to East Lake, and eventually a trail to Oakland Mills. And within easy driving distance are Geode and Lake Darling State Parks, as well as parks in Burlington, Washington and Fairfield.

This letter is in response to recent news indicating that Iowa’s adult obesity rank is now fourth in the nation. Not a rank the residents of the state want. Studies have shown that walking is one of the most beneficial ways to increase one’s overall health, and to help reduce weight. Beautiful weather — I would enjoy meeting others on my walks (including several I took in February at Oakland Mills in eight inches of snow and temperatures below negative 5).

Joel Brown, Mt. Pleasant