New London CSD discusses Prairie Ag Commodities

The New London CSD would like to share the following article that clearly highlights the conversation about the current fuel decisions that were discussed at our November Board meeting.

The article that was printed in the Mt. Pleasant News did not support the reasons for consideration of the WEX fuel card program for the School District and provided a negative representation of Prairie Ag Commodities, Inc. Prairie Ag Coop and Prairie Ag Commodities, Inc. has served the New London CSD for the past 14 years and has provided us with a quality product. At no time has Prairie Ag Coop or Prairie Ag Commodities, Inc. provided us with a product that has caused any problems to our fleet of buses or small vehicles.

I stated during our Board meeting that we have recently found a number of rust particles in our fuel filters and that the tanks were in need of maintenance. The maintenance of the tanks is not Prairie Ag’s responsibility, as the New London CSD owns one tank and the other is owned by the City of New London. A special chemical can be added to the fuel tanks and this problem could be easily resolved. However, the article made it sound like Prairie Ag was responsible for the care of the tanks and had neglected to service them and potentially cause problems for the School and City vehicles.

Finally, the article stated that Prairie Ag put the wrong fuel in the tank so it froze up, this again is not the case, but rather that our tank had run out of fuel and now needed to be fueled with type 1 diesel fuel for the winter months. Again, please know that the School District only looked for alternative service for the day to day convenience of what we need to support our trips and travel arrangements. We are not looking to make a change due to any bad feelings or poor service and relationship, Prairie Ag Commodities, Inc is a creditable business partner.