Please, Lord, save our wonderful USA

To the Editor:

No Christian nation that lost Christianity ever survived as a free and benevolent nation. Our wonderful USA is now entering that stage in its existence and appears to offer little resistance.

Our Christian leaders do their best to bring Christ forward, but refuse to offer our churches as a business. If we were to treat our Christian teachings as the most and greatest business on the planet, we would realize that our parish attendance is of such great importance. A real business minister would consider hiring a retired used-car salesperson to contact the dropouts from our churches and invite new people to attend. These people could be unmarried, couples, people that have never attended church, or even people who are not Christians. This group while sitting alongside our church members and being offered a great smile and handshake might well become God-loving members of the church.

Let’s make kind and wonderful Mt. Pleasant area the beginning of such actions and watch the Christian growth take place. We could well become the leaders in Christian growth and pass it forward. Living for years without attending a church, my family was never invited to attend a church before moving to Mt. Pleasant in 1974.

Thank you, Mt. Pleasant!!


Robert Batey

Mt. Pleasant